Leadership with an edge.


Innovative Planning.


Achieving Accountability.

e are all at risk of becoming clichés of ourselves.

Nowhere is this more the case than among those who work in leadership/ management roles in organisations. My particular interest is in developing sharper and fresher ways of talking about our experience in leading and managing that make possible new ways of doing leadership and management.

Organisations in both the private and public sector have not managed to develop structures of accountability and appraisal that work in transparent constructive and effective ways. My expertise is in developing such accountability as it is core to improving and sustaining improvement in organisations. Being demanding of oneself and others,if done in a reflective and professional manner,is what generates better performance better results and as a consequence high staff morale in organisations. Leadership has to show this to others and in showing it invite people into doing it. It is this kind of leadership that I provided in organisations I managed and which I offer to you to engender and develop as a consultant.


My initial reaction to blogging is to find it somewhat exhibitionistic and self -absorbed. Does every thought have to be published?  How, as I begin,…