My initial reaction to blogging is to find it somewhat exhibitionistic and self -absorbed. Does every thought have to be published?  How, as I begin, am I to get beyond that? Most of my work comes by word of mouth, so is a blog or website necessary at all?

Instead I see this as a conduit, a means of conveying my ideas and approaches to leadership, management, organisational accountability , consulting and therapy.

My father used to say that less is usually more and he used words sparingly . I want to pare down what I have to say and to only say what is my own. I want to speak afresh, to compose my words to describe my experience and to inquire into my experience in a way that I hope will help you understand your experience better.

I have always believed that to understate is not to undersell.

This is not a view that fits with much of modern marketing or indeed with the self-publicising that most of social media consists of.

If something about you or your work shows itself, then there is no need to show off about it.  This is a key value of my practice. I want to blog in a way that doesn’t draw attention to the blogger.

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