Dr. Martin Daly

Martin Daly combines academic expertise in leadership and management with a diverse range of experience. His doctoral research was about the role of leadership in creating accountability in both the private and public sector. He has worked with personnel and companies in Ireland and Europe . He has also worked with many public sector organisations. He is a qualified psychotherapist with over 25 years’ experience. Martin was headmaster of a prestigious private school in Dublin and under his leadership the school was transformed into one of the top schools in the country. He did this by engaging in processes and practices that paid attention to every detail in the school and every opportunity that presented itself to connect individual performances and the school’s purpose. He has also wide experience of consulting to leaders and managers who are attempting to engage in similar processes in their organisations.  He believes that managing oneself is the precondition of managing effectively and brings to bear all his training and experience to his consulting. Martin has done what he invites others to do. This is why his work with organisational leaders has credibility. He knows what is involved in long term sustainable change and what it requires of leaders and managers.