Increasingly people feel unable to deal with the complexity of the organisations in which they work. I help people understand how what they are experiencing is often reflective of the organisation at large and how they can as a result of thinking of themselves in this way imagine how they can act into such situations to create change.
Organisational Consulting
Organisational consultants are adept at telling organisations what they know already. Instead what I do in an organisation is that I inquire into what is going on in that organisation in a way that helps them recognise what they are at and how each person is contributing to the position the organisation finds itself in and the interrelatedness of what all of the members of the organisation are doing.
Conflict Management
Conflict arises because of difference and unless differences are acknowledged and addressed directly organisations will suffer and management is not doing its job. Alongside this, staff become demoralised if they feel issues are not being taken up at the appropriate level and worked through.
Innovative Planning
Innovative planning is about attention to detail, to the possibilities that every interaction offers and it is about developing the capacities and skills of managers so that they can develop practices amongst the members that will endure.
To take up any role effectively, you have to be able to stand outside of the role. Professional supervision enables you to observe your participation in the organisation, to be a part of and apart from, to become aware of the many contexts that are informing how you are acting into any situation.
People come to me and say that they have no headspace to think. Due to my roles as consultant and therapist, I can engage with people about whatever aspects of their lives are causing anxiety..